Thursday, July 15, 2010

Things that Really Tick Olive Off

Things that really tick Olive off:
1. The first day of a new month.
2. The Bachelorette (especially when a hometown visit involves a dog).


  1. LOL about the calendar!! very perceptive Olive is to catch a different picture or look of it! (is that your scale by the refrigerator? great idea to put it right there, perhaps it might help avoid unnecessary snacking)

    too cute too about the dog on the TV. She is not happy at all about it. Again very perceptive to be watching the TV like she is actually following the program. there's this one cat food commercial that comes on and the cat makes a cat fighting type of sound and it gets Koda every time thinking there are cats in the backyard that he has to chase out so he goes running to the back door every single time to be left out. I try to tell him it is only on TV, but he never listens :)

    very cute videos!! isn't it great to have a dog that gives you laughs and something to blog about?

    enjoy the day!!


  2. That is too cute, I wonder why Olive hates the changing of the calender, perhaps they know they are getting older? And me and Olive have something in common , we both hate the Bachelorette.

  3. haha Thats too funny she notices the calendar change! Smarty!

    And I think with the tv, she was little man syndrome, she wants to show she's in charge around here! haha She has a cute bark!

  4. that is cute!! The first day of a new month creeps me out too - just a reminder that I am getting all the more old

  5. I get the same way when my wife watches the Bachelor.

  6. OMG!! She is fricken HI-larious!!!

    Love it


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