Thursday, September 9, 2010

My ship has come in! And by "ship," I mean, "rice."

People keep sending me mail to try to entice me to quit my day job! This blog is finally paying off.  Look what I got in the mail as a result of this recipe I shared with you not long ago!  Someone from the Success Rice PR firm saw that post where I used Uncle Ben's rice with the honey mustard chicken and haricot verts, contacted me and asked if I wanted a voucher for a free boil-in-bag Success rice product.  Ummm, YEAH, I want that voucher (as you read that, you should say it in your best Cartman 'YEAH-I-want-some-cheesy-poofs!' voice, and if you don't know who Cartman is, just say it in the voice of your closest six-year-old kid or niece or nephew or something)!  Now, I can make a rice empire comparable to my glue empire!

But wait.  If I quit my day job, I won't get to collect homework and have a six-year-old tell me their dog ate it.  Seriously.  That's what he told me when he gave me this.
"Miss FabuLeslie, umm, my dog ate my homework..."

How could anyone quit a job like this??!


  1. Hey, I believe the kid! My Beagle will eat anything...I'm sure that excuse came from a Beagle owner long ago!! I love the smiley face stamp on the homework!! Nice job Miss FabuLeslie

    Congratulations on your rice voucher!!

  2. HEY! There's only SEVEN cherries on that problem NOT eight! You should take that smiley face stamp right back! :) (<-----but I won't take MY smiley face back! hehe)

  3. Wooohoo! Melinda wins the prize. I was wondering who would find it and comment. You did it too fast, girl! I'm a softie, and give the smiley for completion... I let my 5th grade helper stamp them all with smileys as long as they are completed, right or wrong. :) There's one for you too!

    Saimi- I know... Olive eats everything too.

  4. That's definitely an awesome blog makeover! I have an English bulldog who also often stars on my blog. chek us out!
    thanks for the cool blog links

  5. I've been blogging for four years and haven't gotten shit. Maybe the liberal bitchy Mom thing isn't marketable...

  6. Whoah you've hit the big time. I wish I could get some free rice. .

    I LOVE the new look!! And I think I believe the kid about the homework. So classic though. I finally got around to adding some of my non LEO links that I love. You are under, "Model Citizens". :)

  7. i need to start name-dropping on my blog. hehehehe

    ~ash's mum

  8. Geez! Good for you!

    I'm glad you give smileys for completion ... I mean, they are grade 1, right? They have the rest of their lives to be criticized.

    Yay for FabuLeslie!!

  9. You are a super star!! Please remember us when you are on top of the rice world, going to factories to make sure everything is on the up and up, getting knee deep in rice paddies (sp?) to show the average worker you are "on their side" and such. Check you out! On another note, I linked to you in my post today. It's an interview of sorts and I tagged you to participate in it next, if you wanna.

  10. if only rice could pay my tuition...

  11. Well done on the free rice!!! I bow down to your blogging empire. We go through so much rice I was almost panicking today since we were getting low and it would be a while before I could get the 12 lb box at the wholesale club. You of the free rice do not need to concern yourself with these kinds of things ;-)

  12. Never, ever quit your day job. Teacher's like you are too valuable and how would we hear about these homework hungry dogs?

    But also, don't stop blogging.

  13. Never!! they've got to be crazy...BOL
    Benny & LIly


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