Saturday, December 15, 2012

On Violence in America

I keep coming back to the idea that we should not focus on trying to prevent violent acts, but rather, focus on trying to prevent the IDEA of violent acts from coming into someone's mind.  It'll mean we have to commit to removing the stigma from mental illness in this country.  It'll mean we have to commit to providing ACCESSIBLE mental health care to ALL.  It'll mean we have to get to know our neighbors and start acting like communities again.  And it'll mean we have to befriend those who may seem unsavory, BEFORE they birth these unthinkable ideas.  Of course, that'll be harder than focusing on trying to prevent horrific acts of violence with metal detectors, locks on doors, searches, checkpoints, and more security personnel.  But I keep coming back to the fundamental truth in my mind, which is that human behavior is, and will remain, unpredictable.  I just keep coming back to that idea, so I hope writing it down will help me think other thoughts.


  1. I hope that this brings about some change!

  2. How do we know that he was not offered help? You can offer help but its up to the individual and his family to be proactive. Just sayin'...btw, his mother owned 3 guns... wth for?


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